Top Three Design Trends in Granite & Quartz Countertops

Category: General Published on Jul 31 2019

Granite and quartz have long been prized for their beauty, versatility, and durability as prime choices for countertops, but modern technology and design aesthetics have taken them to a whole new level in today’s kitchens.

Here are three of the most popular trends emerging in granite and quartz countertop design:

1. Custom is king: The biggest trend in design is to forget trends and be unique! Designs that use natural materials are increasingly popular because they are always unique. Just like no two trees will have exactly the same pattern of rings and graining, no two pieces of granite will have the same gradation of coloring or the same inclusions and unique characteristics.

However quartz is also gaining ground here. While it is a manmade material, new techniques allow for greater control in design, and quartz can now be made to look like natural stone with individual patterns, veining, and color variations.

2. The neutrals have it. When it comes to color palettes, bright pops of color are popular—think “living coral” for Pantone’s color of the year—but they need something calmer to pop against. Modern kitchen design favors neutrals as a primary color scheme, with those vibrant hues reserved for accent elements.

Both granite and quartz offer a stunning array of soft earth tones, from beiges and off whites to blue-greys and light browns.

3. Finish with style. Traditionally, quartz and granite countertops have a polished finish, and these are still very popular. The introduction of new techniques however has led to growing interest in alternative finishes like honed or leathered countertops.

A honed finish is one that, like a polished countertop, is very smooth, but does not have the same shine. Honed countertops produce a matte look, aiming for more of a natural than polished appeal.

A leathered finish is like a cross between honed and polished. It is glossier than a honed countertop, but not as high shine as a polished countertop. The main distinction in leathered finishes though is the texture. Unlike the ultra-smooth surface of polished granite or quartz, leathered countertops have a more natural feel—and the added benefit of not showing fingerprints as much!

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